In The Gallery

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Alicia CobbElement of Freedom
Acrylic and glass on stretched canvas24" x 48"$5,000
Barbara RingerI’m Not in a Bubble; You’re in a Bubble!
Photography17" x 21"$250
Christine BreslinCattelan Family
Photographic print24" x 20"POR
Darcy Hicks12 Women
Gold leaf, paint, clay$5,500
Day MooreShifting Priorities
Upcycled wood, found marble cutout, porcelain bowl, turned and gilded wood.34" x 16"x 16"$500
Eric ChiangThe Year 2020, No.1
Oil and Acrylic on canvas30" x 60"$3,600
Dereje TarrantVote Your Power 1
Paint48"x 24"Price: $1000 donation to the Equal Justice Initiative
Elizabeth DeVollTrigger
Assemblage28" x 12" x 7.5"$375
Guy Sealey84 & Counting
Bone with Sterling Silver inlay.6.5” x 8” x 4"$600
Holly HawthornWriting on the Wall
Acrylic paint30 x 30$50 donation to the ACW

Jeff BeckerSlurry Bibbins Road
Photography 16" x 22"$1,500
Jen Glover RiggsBreathe No. 3
Acrylic and Epoxy Resin16" x 16"$575
Jerri GrahamGeorge Floyd Memorial, Westport CT 2020
Photograph on metal24" x 16" $746
Jerri GrahamConcert, Brooklyn
Photograph on metal20" x 30"NFS
Julie HicksRoad Leading to Tornado Funnel
Oil on canvas17" x 21" $1,100
Jana IreijoThe Last Dance
Oil on canvas12" x 12"$325
JahmaneIdentity CrisisXerox Collage on Panel
Kerry Long2020 Collage #3
Photography/film/scans12" x 12" $175
kHyalListen BLM (Black Lives Matter)
100% up-cycled and recycled materials16" diameter$3,500
kHyalShit Storm (COVID-19)
100% up-cycled and recycled materials18" diameter$3,500
kHyalUnfun Fact (COVID-19)
100% up-cycled and recycled materials18" diameter$3,500
Liz DavisInspired Heart Quilt
Cotton fibers and batting quilted with polyester thread.41.5" x 41.5"NFS
Liz SquillaceRussia Colored Glasses
Screenprint on paper26" x 34"$450
Lisa SeidenbergSelf- Portrait with Pink Hat
Photograph14" x 11"$250
Louise CadouxAmerica is Full of Plastic
Wire, paper clay, yarn, acrylic paint36" x 11" x 12"$1,050
Louise CadouxAtlas
Glazed stoneware8" x 14" x 9"$850
MIA LipstickMan-Shun
Oil30" x 40" $1,300
Margaret RolekeDanger/Peligro
Cyanotype38" x 50" $950
Melissa NewmanBoy and Environment
Acrylic/Mixed Media16" x 12" $425
Mary Ann NeilsonCorona Cootie
Mounted Giclee on Canvas12" x 9" $175
Margaret Esme SimonNia
Pastel portrait on sanded paper22.5" x 25.5"NFS
Miggs BurroughsPolitical Ties
Lenticular Sculpture44" x 22" x 22"$2,400
Click here for video of piece
Susan FehlingerSafe Zone
Oil on canvas30" x 30"$900
Steven PartonThe Zeitgeist
Oil16.5" x 13.75"$1,800
Susan JacobsonBroken
Video/dance5 minute video/VimeoNFS
Click here to view video
Trace BurroughsFood For Thought
Digital/metal print- 1/512" x 12"$175
Amy KaplanStorm Tossed, 2020 Mood
Charcoal Stick on Paper